A room in Queen Hotel guarantees a great night in the heart of Eindhoven. Equipped with all

modern comforts and surrounded by people who will make your stay a pleasant one. 

With our 40 rooms you have a large choice of different room types.

Single Prince

The standard single rooms all are comfotable and spacious. You will find all necessary amenities and you can relax all you want . The rooms are tastefully decorated and will give you the "almost home" feeling.

Double Princess

Space, cosiness and comfort. These are the keywords of our standard double rooms. A wonderful base for a visit to Eindhoven, and a wonderful place for a number of comfortable nights

Family Room

The spacious family room offers the possibility to stay warm and cosy with your family or friends. With a double bed and one or more extra luxury bed(s) everyone can enjoy his sleep

Kings Chambers

If it may be something more than an average stay in a hotel, the Kings Chambers are recommended. A very pleasant environment to return to after a day of Eindhoven. But certainly a room that's comfortable enough to stay a little longer.  Just taste the experience.

Royal Room

A party, a special occasion or you are accustomed to extra luxury. If you would like to have a great  experience we definitely recommend one of our Royal  rooms. The round shape, high ceilings and magnificent views set the tone for a kingsize stay. If there is anything else to be desired, we will be here for you.

Royal Room .jpg