Queen Hotel Café Restauarnt

Terms and Conditions



1.1 Damage to our buildings and properties

Damage to our properties and property caused by you or your party during your stay and items missing after your departure will be charged or charged to your registered credit card and sent to the (email) address known to us. .


1.2 In good faith

You agree to make reservations in good faith for legitimate use by you and your party and not for any other purpose. Including, but not limited to, resale, unauthorized assignment or publication on third party websites, or making speculative, false or fraudulent reservations based on supply and demand.


1.3 Liability

The hotel cannot be held responsible for damage, loss or theft of your belongings in our building.

Found objects

All lost or abandoned objects found in our building are registered and kept for 1 month. If left behind objects must be sent at your request, this is entirely at your own expense and risk.


1.4 Minors

If you are a minor and are not accompanied by anyone aged 18 or older or do not have a signed consent form from your parent or guardian, Queen Hotel reserves the right to refuse you. Furthermore, we do not serve alcohol if you are under 18 or cannot identify yourself at the request of one of our employees. Not even if you are with your parent or accompanied by an adult.


1.5 Privacy policy

Your personal data will be collected by Queen Hotel before, during and after your stay. This data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy, the AVG and other applicable laws and regulations. We have no influence on data collected by external booking parties using cookies etc. when you visit their website. For this we refer to the privacy policy of the company with which you have booked.


1.6 Unforeseen circumstances

Queen Hotel accepts no liability and does not pay compensation if services purchased cannot be provided due to circumstances beyond our control: (natural) disasters, fire, acts of war / war and terrorism, strikes, riots, civil disturbances, government regulations, labor disputes , bad weather, a pandemic or other exceptional and catastrophic event or circumstance, or an emergency that makes it impossible or illegal for guests to stay at the hotel.


1.7 VAT

Prices and rates are subject to changes in VAT.


1.8 WIFI

In our building and terrace, guests can use our free WIFI service. Ask an employee for the login details. Our wireless network is provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. We do not guarantee that access to our wireless network will be interrupted, timely, secure, error-free, or meet your requirements at all times. Queen Hotel is not responsible for the security, integrity, accuracy or completeness of any information you transmit or receive while using our WIFI. You may not use our WiFi network for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited.


1.9 Pets

Pets are not allowed at Queen Hotel.




2.1 Cancellation conditions

We have 2 types of rates: non-refundable and standard. Different cancellation conditions may apply for group (from 4 rooms) and business reservations.


2.2 Check out earlier

If you wish to depart earlier than the departure date stated on your booking confirmation, we kindly request that you let us know before 4:00 pm on the day before departure. This prevents any cancellation costs.


2.3 Changing your booking

If you wish to change your reservation, neither the availability nor the price of your booking can be guaranteed. To avoid costs due to late cancellation, it is recommended to change your reservation as soon as possible.


2.4 No show

You are considered a no-show if you have not arrived on the day of arrival. In case of no-show we will charge the first night if you have booked a standard rate. If you have made a booking where a non-refundable rate applies, you will still owe the full amount.


2.5 Prices and tourist tax

The room price that we agreed upon with your reservation applies to your booking. Meals, drinks and other extras are not included in your room rate, unless otherwise agreed. All prices include VAT and must be paid in local currency. Prices are subject to change without notice. With non-refundable rates, the room rate must be paid in advance. All other charges must be paid at check-out. Tourist tax will be charged. The city tax can change between the time of booking and the date of your stay at the hotel.


2.6 Non-refundable rate

This is our lowest rate. You pay the full amount (by credit or debit card) when booking. It is not possible to change or cancel your reservation, so 100% of the costs will be charged. This rate can only be booked online.


2.7 Standard rate

Guarantee your reservation with a credit card or prepayment. When changing or changing your reservation, a different rate may apply. In case of cancellation, the following conditions apply:

  • 100% of the reservation value of the first night will be charged if you cancel less than 24 hours before your arrival date.




3.1 Applicability

These Terms of Use apply to the use and / or downloading of information - in whatever form - from this website of Queen Hotel Café Restaurant Eindhoven.


3.2 Statement of approval

If you do not wish to accept these terms of use or do not wish to accept them in their entirety, you are not entitled to visit this website and use this website. By using this website you indicate that you accept these terms of use.


3.3 Changes

This website is at all times entitled to change the information on this website and these user conditions and the general conditions. This website advises you to regularly consult this website and the user conditions and the general conditions.


3.4 Purpose

This website aims to provide the visitor with information about the hotel and restaurant and its partners in the broadest sense of the word. This website strives for correct information provision, but does not guarantee that the information provided is correct or always up to date. Although website builder has compiled the information on this website with the utmost care and does its utmost to keep this information as accurate, up-to-date and complete as possible, no rights can be derived from this information.


3.5 Hyperlinks

This website may contain hyperlinks to websites of partners of this website and other third parties. These hyperlinks are provided for the convenience and information of you as the user only. This website is not responsible for these websites and the fact that this website includes this hyperlink does not imply that it endorses the content of those websites.



3.6 Ownership

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3.7 Information

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3.8 Right of Use

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3.9 Security

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3.10 Liability

This website excludes all liability for all direct, indirect and consequential damage, damage on any account whatsoever arising from or in connection with the use of this website, in particular as a result of the use of the information on this website or if due to seeking access to any other information by means of hyperlinks to third parties from this website, or due to the temporary impossibility to consult this website, unless and insofar as the damage is caused by intent or deliberate recklessness of this website.

3.11 Conversion

If any provision of these Terms of Use is void, voidable or otherwise unenforceable, then this provision will be deemed to have been replaced by a valid and enforceable provision that approximates the original intent of the void, voidable or unenforceable provision as closely as possible. The other provisions remain in full force.